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Yoga Teacher Upgradation Courses

'Abs Yoga Teacher Training Course' yoga class by Sunil Dahiya

For 'Professional Yogis', who are helping others with health and wealth bringing science of yoga and need to keep growing by improving their helping skills, rising their personal practice to next level and teaching the best from different traditions to remain ahead in competitive world of teaching.

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Course Details

Main objectives of course are :

a) To teach the 'missing concepts of yoga' from well-known traditions & styles e.g. Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power yoga, Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga & Kundalini yoga.

b) To make bridge between all traditions.

c) To show the way for next step entry from 'now what ?' position of any tradition.

d) To 'get out off a stuck position' of peak performance of any style.

e) To know the stage 'when all traditions get merged'.

f) And to improve 'teaching skills' for advanced yoga asanas & practices.

Course curriculum & Course design :

Course is designed for the yoga teachers and long term practitioners.

Course curriculum involves specifically selected yogic practices from different traditions and includes shatkarma (optional), yogsadhan kriya, advanced suksham vyayam, advanced and intermediate asanas, correct base of pranayam and 8 steps of Bahirang meditation to develop extreme flexibility, internal control, confidence, improving teaching skills, identifying & characterizing varieties of pains and much more.

Author of Course :

Sunil Dahiya is the author of the course. He designed the course on behalf of Abs Yoga International and Indian Yoga Academy. Abs Yoga International holds the copyrights and trademarks of 'curriculum of the course', 'sequences of the course', 'name of the course', and 'the teaching material' used during the course.

About Teacher :

Sunil Dahiya is the main teacher of the course. He is creator of four styles of yoga, author of couples of books of advanced yoga techniques, research scholar, certified examiner of Indian Yoga Academy, supervisor for 'standards to be followed by yoga schools & yoga centers' at Foundation for Ancient culture & Education, guest lecturer at couple of international universities & yoga institutes, yoga therapist, internationally known yoga master trainer, national champion of India (in yoga) for about a decade and founder director of Abs Yoga International. He holds some reputed awards including 'Bharat Yoga Samrat (Indian Yoga King)' by Indian Yoga Federation, 'Champion of Meet (Champion of Champions)' by government of Pondicherry and 'University Color in Yoga' by University of Delhi. . . . . . . ( read more )

Who will be benefited :

Yoga teachers & instructors.
Fitness instructors / trainers.
Yoga practitioners (who are practicing yoga since 3 years or more).

Benefits of the course :

Therapy benefits :

You will be able to treat & avoid years old back pain of 'yoga teachers' & 'yoga practitioners'. You will also be able to treat & avoid 'head-pain' due to wrong practice of shatkarmas and much more.

Benefits in Teaching :

If you are 'not Ghatasth Yoga Teacher', you will be introduced to one secret and advanced yoga tradition. Also you will be able to teach students of different levels (beginner, intermediate & advanced) in same class.

Personal Benefits :

You will improve your 'self practice' by involving Advanced Sukshama Vyayam, Nauli, and advanced asanas (back bending, handstand, inverted).

Spiritual Benefits :

You will find the way to grow further after being stuck at your peak performance of Ashtanga Yoga or Iyengar yoga or any other style / system of yoga. You will experience . . . . . You will feel . . . . . the benefits of yoga described in scriptures.

Affiliation & certificate :

A recognized Certificate (P27 credit)* will be awarded. The course is authorized by Indian Yoga Academy and Foundation for Ancient Culture & Education. ( * Credits of the 'Abs Yoga Teachers Up-gradation Course' can be transferred to 'Yoga teachers training courses' and 'Advanced yoga teacher training courses'. )

For yoga teachers, a week of practical training to enhance their skills !

(Note : Additional Theory sessions :[(i) modern science and (ii) yogic philosophy] are available only for 'English-Speaking' countries ).

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